Second-hand Tradeshow, the 30th edition

Go back to the traditional appointment with the world of "Second-hand" scheduled for today and tomorrow (14.30 to 19) at the Congress Center in Villa Potenza. Many events organized for the two-day New this year the space devoted to comics Thirty years of "Trade Fair Charity." Back this afternoon, the traditional appointment with the world of "Second-hand", a unique event within the region, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 14.30 to 19. At the fair center in Villa Potenza is all set to welcome more than 300 exhibitors spread in a 'area of ​​15 thousand square meters. The show, created back in 1998 and organized by the Service Promotion, has always remained true to the original.

There are many areas: "Flea Market", Hall of decorative more diverse, "Exhibition of Creativity", reserved for artist-craftsmen, manufacturers' ingenuity and imagination, "" Car ... at the Fair ", the Hall of 'cars and, more generally, the second-hand vehicles and cars. There will be stands dedicated to antiques, modern, second-hand clothing, modeling, collecting, philately. Again, business opportunities, attractions and entertainment. For the Thirtieth edition, in addition to confirmed Book Fair, a big news with "Macerata Comics". This afternoon and all day tomorrow, fans of the area and visitors can admire the "stands" dedicated to publishing. Books and comics new and used, proposed publishing, reading, attractions, entertainment activity in the comics (manga, comics, cosplay, contests, card games, role playing games and board games), and more. An event not to be missed among the many plans that the cosplay (costume contest devoted to comic book characters) with prizes on Sunday afternoon. The organizers of the Service Promotion, after a first experimental edition dated 2011, they decided to replicate the initiative "winner" of 2013 reserving a central role in publishing.

Some information about car thefts and damaging.

Are stolen almost all models "Peso" and "Citroën" and "Opel Corsa" aged three to 10 years, says "Privacy". These vehicles are stolen mostly because of spare parts because these are cars that have in recent years flooded the domestic market. Until a few years ago, "Reno" for the same reason been a favorite for thieves.
The target of criminal groups are the most expensive vehicles such as jeeps "Rang Rover", "Audi Q7" and "BMW X6" and last month were only one night in Belgrade stolen three "Rang rover," said the "policy" section of the Belgrade police chief for combating vehicle theft Borislav Kovacevic.
In Belgrade, the number of thefts in the first half of this year decreased by six percent compared to the same period last year, and five times smaller than in 1998, when the capital daily Kral as 14 vehicles.