The Lamborghini super hybrid 900 hp

09:33 PARIS - A Lamborghini with the same issues of the Panda. What looks like a science fiction movie is the scene at this time at the Paris Salon. The title is Asterion LPI 910-4 and is the name of the new concept of the House of Sant'Agata, the first to adopt the technology or plug-in hybrid with lithium rechargeable batteries, as well as moving as it is on the more conventional hybrid even at an outlet. Shadow carousel Lamborghini Asterion Nearly 1,000 hp The idea is clear: a huge 5.2-liter V10 naturally aspirated gasoline is combined with three electric motors for a total output of 910 horsepower, capable of pushing the concept "Lambo" up to 320 km / h with a change from 0 to 100 almost imperceptible, only 3 seconds. All with consumption, measured on a cycle of approval with a charged battery, almost 25 km / liter and CO2 emissions of 98 grams per kilometer. Better than a Fiat Panda gasoline, at least theoretically. Moreover, thanks to the lithium battery pack, the Asterion can also travel up to 50 km drive only by electric motors with zero emissions. And no noise (or music, depending on your point of view) from the exhaust. A Lamborghini traveling along the quiet rustle of the wind. Unimaginable until very recently, "The Asterion LPI 910-4 is focused on the travel experience more comfortable, devoted to the extreme performance on the track but it is still a real Lamborghini," said Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of the Italian House owned by the Volkswagen Group. DNA Sant'Agata diagram on the other hand is the same: the engine (petrol) longitudinally positioned at the center of the car and monocoque carbon fiber (Aventador). Electric motors are fitted with the device torque distribution to the Torque Vectoring Asterion which guarantees the permanent four wheel drive completely independently of the state of charge of the battery (remains of an energy reserve). The batteries are inserted in the center console in place of the transmission in order not to alter the driving dynamics and at the same time protect it from impacts. Then there is the usual choice of the name linked to the mythology and the world of bulls: Asterion is the real name of the Minotaur, a mythical figure, half man and half bull Lamborghini represents the perfect blend of intellect (hybrid) and instinct (V10 petrol). Coming? It's not official yet but it is likely

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